7 Facts about Pay Inequity in Healthcare That Will Surprise You

One of the reasons we started Statera was to bring transparency to pay inequity in healthcare. What we realized is that our knowledge was only the tip of the iceberg. What we’ve learned has shown us how much opportunity we have as an industry to do better. We hope it does the same for you.

  1. Male primary care physicians earn 25% more than female primary care physicians; male specialists earn 33% more than their female counterparts. 1
  2. One mind-bending study on physician gender pay inequity found that it is primarily female physicians who study this pay inequity, often in unfunded research, thus increasing the pay gap through their critical efforts to shed a light on this issue. 2
  3. Known factors cannot account for 39% of the gender pay gap. 3,4
  4. Female physicians’ pay is expected to be disproportionately impacted by COVID; similarly, female physician researchers are publishing at lower rates than male physician researchers, and then previous years. 5,6
  5. Another study found that transgender women see their average earnings fall by one-third after transitioning, while transgender men find their wages slightly increase after transitioning.7
  6. Specialties with higher percentages of female physicians, such as gynecology, are compensated at lower rates than analogous male procedures – even when the same procedure is being performed in both cases.8
  7. Male-dominated practices also have greater gender pay disparity, with a discrepancy of over $91,000 for non-surgical practices of 90% male physicians.9

Ready for change? Start with compensation transparency and structured compensation models. 10, 11

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