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Statera Seed Round to Redefine Physician Compensation and Performance Management
Statera is thrilled to announce the completion of an $850K Seed Round. Led by Houston-based Golden Section Ventures, this infusion of resources will drive growth, expand our national footprint, and enable the company to meet increased market demand.
It’s January 1, 2021. Do you know what happened to your RVUs?
The 2021 Medicare physician fee schedule final rule was released this past week, and with the pandemic demanding all our time and energy (and then some), many physicians and administrators may not have taken notice of the 2,165-page final rule, the few headlines it made, or the massive implications it will have to physician compensation in a few short weeks. Here are a few significant changes that may affect your compensation as early as next month.
Optimizing for Success in the Radiation Oncology Alternative Payment Model
With resources stretched and timelines short, the APM feels like the straw that broke the camel’s back, both operationally and financially. The good news, though, is that there are only two questions one needs to ask to succeed in the new APM.
The (Dollar) Value of Physician Engagement
One of the more significant challenges that US healthcare faces are that it is a system primarily run by non-clinical administrators, with little to no input from the patients and clinicians at the heart of the clinical experience. As a non-clinical administrator-turned-entrepreneur, I firmly believe that the business skills non-clinical leaders bring to the table are invaluable, but that to create meaningful change in a healthcare organization, clinicians have to be part of the team that designs the change.
Building Compensation Plans for Resiliency (in Covid-19 and Beyond)
In a survey performed back in April, 18% of physicians treating Covid-19 patients had been furloughed or experienced a pay cut, as had 30% of physicians not treating Covid-19 patients. Now organizations with productivity-based compensation plans are grappling with the reality of an ongoing pandemic. There are two choices: react and adjust incrementally, or be proactive and seize the opportunity to build a more resilient plan. While every organization is different, these three key steps should serve as guideposts when designing a new plan.
7 Facts about Pay Inequity in Healthcare That Will Surprise You
One of the reasons we started Statera was to bring transparency to pay inequity in healthcare. We realized that our knowledge was only the tip of the iceberg. What we’ve learned has shown us how many opportunities we have as an industry to do better. We hope it does the same for you.