Bringing Transparency, Predictability and Simplicity to Physician Compensation.

Most hospital organizations still manage compensation on spreadsheets or dated internal built systems, yet leverage compensation as a way to retain and engage physicians. How do we motivate staff when we don’t clearly communicate performance models, and build dashboards through manual, error prone processes?

A Seasoned Team of Industry Experts.

Based in Boston, We're a team of world-class compensation experts and healthcare technologists who founded Statera to eliminate the financial and emotional toll of clinician burnout. We provide timely, actionable compensation and care insights to hospitals, medical groups, and clinicians. Our approach is a new way to monitor, automate and communicate performance models, relieving stress for providers and reducing costs for their organizations.

What Industry Leaders are saying

Chief Medical Officer

Anything we can do to simplify compensation for the masses is going to be important. Your finance guy is not going to be around forever. One person can't hold the key, or that house of cards is bound to fall fast.

Division Chief
North Carolina

Statera provides ownership over our own practice. It can be easy to be discouraged when your don't understand your opportunities. Statera empowers physicians so that they worry less about what they did and more about if they are doing everything they can. 

Executive Administrator

Our comp model was antiquated and ridiculous - nothing to do with quality or efficiency. It was awesome because we can finally move the needle in terms of our comp. 

A Holistic Approach

  • Deliver insights guided by behavioral design.
  • Inspire peer to peer clinician support.
  • Build sustainable provider engagement strategies.
  • Eliminate outdated metrics and incentive structures.


Statera is thrilled to announce completion of an $850K Seed Round.

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